Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seems I'm not alone!

Just when I was staring to feel frustrated with my little trash collection project, I came across hope and new motivation to keep doing what I'm doing. There's another girl, also named Sara (she's cool so we'll forgive the misspelling ;P) Doing the same thing! I think she uses less profanity than I do, but you know, I gotta be me!


  1. Thanks for this post about my project The Daily Ocean. So cool to see someone else that is passionate about helping the ocean. You've always got company! Carry on, and profanity's fine :D

  2. LOL! I'm glad you don't mind the profanity, I just get a little emotional over beach trash!

  3. Sara, this is so fantastic and inspiring. I live out by Ocean Beach in SF and am often so distraught over the huge volumes of plastic I see in amongst the kelp and other sea debris. Your routine and discipline are great. Maybe we can pick up some trash together sometime soon!